publications by categories in reversed chronological order.


  1. medRxiv
    Immune history influences SARS-CoV-2 booster impacts: the role of efficacy and redundancy
    Sophie L. Larsen, Iffat Noor, Haylee West, Eliana Chandra, Pamela P. Martinez, and Alicia NM Kraay
    medRxiv, 2024
  2. RSPB
    Transparent transmission models for informing public health policy: the role of trust and generalizability
    Sophie L. Larsen, and Alicia NM Kraay
    Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 2024


  1. Quantifying the impact of SARS-CoV-2 temporal vaccination trends and disparities on disease control
    Sophie L. Larsen, Ikgyu Shin, Jefrin Joseph, Haylee West, Rafael Anorga, Gonzalo E. Mena, Ayesha S. Mahmud, and Pamela P. Martinez
    Science Advances, 2023